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Year design : 2017
Status : Under Construction
Site Area : 3161.19 sqft
Built Area : 24,400 sqft
Location : Greater road , Rajshahi.
Principal Architect : Ar. Shafique Rahman
Design Team : Trikon Architects
Structural design : Eng. Abu Musa
Client : Dr. Shabbir Ahmed
Dr. Nasrin Begum



The Commercial Cum Residential Mixeduse project is located along the busiest highway of Rajshahi City. From the survey of the site it appeared that the traffic noise is extreme throughout the day and night, which might cause acoustical discomfort for the dwellers in future. The design of the project has a substantial response to this noise problem of the site. The grand concrete façade has been designed to protect the street traffic noise and to ensure a comfortable indoor environment. Vegetation in three different levels also defuse the noise level and additionally provide visual relaxation for the occupants.
The commercial floors are arranged in the lower section, where the upper 5 levels containing the residential units. Designed on a site area of 3161.19 sqft
, the project has a significant aspect of separating vertical circulations and entrance for the commercial function and the residential use. Functional arrangement of the residential units ensure cross ventilation, proper lighting and noise free indoor environment through an intelligent façade system.
Apart from its site constraint, functional,climatic aspects, the Mixeduse building has an elegant street scale and aesthetic fenestration to create an image of the city.



September 22, 2019


Commercial, Mixed Use, Residential