Interior Design Of Trikon Architects-Baridhara

Interior Design Of Trikon Architects-Baridhara

Year Designed: 2019    I    Year Constructed: 2019   I   Build Area: 1350 sqft   I   Location: Baridhara DOHS,Dhaka

Category : Commercial Office Space I Interior Design

Construction : NANDONIK (A sister concern for Trikon Architects)

Principal Architect : Ar. Shafique Rahman

Associates and Advisors : Ar. Rigu Sarkar, Ar. Shadik Arman

Design Team : Md. Miftahur Rahman, Rakib Patwary , Anannya Rahman, Lamia Islam, Raihan Mustafa

Illustration : Mashriki Hussain Mohona

Photographs : Shahriar Mahmud


-Trikon Architects is an architectural practice based on Dhaka,Bangladesh.Initiated in 2015,the studio is now a dynamic workplace for a team of 16 members,mostly young architects.At the brink of 2019 the office has seen a substantial increment in their work,especially in the building design and consultancy sector.The masterminds of the studio has decided to expand the team as well as a more vibrant and inspiring workplace for it’s enthusiastic young professional team.However,the search for a new studio setup bought a number of constraints.The newly selected office space is a 1350 sq-ft ground floor apartment,which has lack of natural lighting and the most critical issue was to accommodate the increased number of employees.In addition,the old building doesn’t allow much structural and internal modifications in it’s existing layout.
The struggle for creating collective zones in a single space turned out the idea of multilayring of services,storage and displays all through the three dimensional volume of the space.
Apart from the idea of connectivity and thought exchange,the design concept also promotes individuality a personalized space for each designer to engage into the work in his/her own domain.Besides,the color,texture and the designed luminous environment has transformed the studio into the joyous,ecstatic,cheerful and energetic space for all the creative minds engaged into the journey of Trikon Architects.



January 30, 2020


Commercial, Interior