C O N C E P T U A L    B R I E F

 Design idea of DESCO Head Office building consist of three coherent aspects. Those are the public relationship strategy which represents DESCO as an identical organization, how the building is contributing to the messy vitality and scarce of Dhaka city and Environmental sustainability.  The project reflects a wide spectrum of approaches to design an environmentally sustainable building. Indeed all different strategies have been taken in consideration based on the careful synthesis and analysis of micro climatic ingredients associated with the projects context. Overall planning, orientation and composition of forms and fenestrations are designed to make the building partly naturally ventilated in summer and passive heating in the winter. Fenestrations orientation of the form have been designed from the research of contemporary passive design strategies. The design strategies create opportunity to be a very low energy consuming building. Along with the environmental system the materials used for this project are all low embodied energy materials. Provision of rainwater recycling and clean energy generation also considered from the very beginning of the planning process.

The design concept also integrates the social sustainability, an effective strategy for place making and promoting the scope for creating a secular community in a highly diversified city. The highly dense population and deficit of land has turned the city into an urban mayhem. The city is starving for public spaces. In the planning process of this project creating urban public gathering spaces was highly prioritized. The site street square facilitates two major roads in both side, where a pedestrian connectivity with ample of activity spaces and green zone has been developed. The pedestrian activity offers the project to be a part of the urban sprawl and also engage people with different tires of function of the building. The concept of connectivity literally makes the project vibrant and very importantly a contribution to the scarce of public space of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Apparently the design is highly responsive to its site surroundings. Building orientation and form designed to create a coherent street scale with the low rise block alongside the project site.

The idea of connectivity also represents DESCO as a public service company. Connecting people with the building creates opportunity to make the building personalized, which getting people engaged with DESCO. Being a public service company of Bangladesh Government the power of connectivity promotes DESCO to be a more reliable and trustworthy organization.


Principal Team Members

Ar. Shafique Rahman, Ar. Talukder Reazul Islam, Ar. Md Saiful Anam, Ar. Zenat Anam

Associate Team Members

Mainul Hassan Tuheen, Savyasachi MOndal, Jati Mollick, Jannatul Ferdous Sonia, Anjuman A Nisa, Tahia Tabassum Trena, Chowdhury Gns, Ibrahim Rana, Shuvo Islam, Raana Masud, Md Nazmul Hoda Dipu, Saiful Bin Islam.



June 2, 2016