Category: Competition

Location: Gulshan 2, Dhaka
Built Area: 14,04,923 sqft
Designed Year: 2021
Team Leaders:
Ar. Shafique Rahman(MIAB),
Ar. Md. Tawhid Amanullah(MIAB)
Team Members:
Ahasan Kabir,
Tasmia Tabassum,
Rehana Parvin,
Anannya Rahman
Rakib Patwary
Md. Mehedi Hasan Akash
Jobaer Shahriar
M. M. Arifur Rahman


To accommodate the world-class cultural facilities for Dhaka North Civic Centre and the tower for DNCC office required a functional volume of 872,000 SFT, in the compact site area of 2.295 Acre. This necessitated to design the much-needed community and open spaces into many vertically stacked volumes.

The design concept emerges from the idea of spreading urban scale community spaces with flowing natural vertical landscape across the form in multiple levels. The civic activity spaces are spatially interconnected and harmoniously merged into to an internal grand plaza which is inviting, accessible and connected with zones via pedestrian paths from all three street edges. As a result, a regional market place with blended civic facilities in the most corporate urban node of Dhaka city breathes new energy to the urban dwellers.

The project is a representation of unity through interaction, assembling commercial and civic facilities together. Located along with three-street edges and adjacent to the Gulshan 2 Circle, the Mixed-use building has been designed with efficient vertical circulations across Five key locations addressing accessibility from all surroundings of the site. All the partitions are removed and the internal public space is opened towards the urban sprawl. The entrance, for instance, is immediate: a flight of steps from the sidewalk directly leads to the central plaza. All floors are accessible by generous vertical circulations in five key interactions of the circulation layout.


December 28, 2021


Commercial, Competition, Mixed Use