Project Category: Landscape Design
Year Designed: 2018-2022
Site Area: 25.5 Acre
Location: Padma Residential Area, Rajshahi.
Client: Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Rajshahi Development Authority (RDA)
Principal Architect: Ar. Shafique Rahman (MIAB),
Associate Architect: Ar. Sheikh Rishad Ahmmad (AMIB)
Design Team: Trikon Architects.
Joint Venture: SARM Associates Limited.


Rajshahi is the 4th largest city of Bangladesh with a population about 7 lac. However, it is a growing city following similar urbanization trend like Dhaka. Rajshahi has already started to face many problems due to lack of proper planning, maintenance and implementation of infrastructural developments. Among all these issues, scarce of urban open space has become prominent.
The aim of the project is to develop facilities, include amenities, beautification and reorganization to turn the park into a popular green urban centre. The program has been carefully developed to integrate the park into urban clusters of the surroundings to make it accessible for the people of all ages. It is expected that with the construction and implementation of new designed park, it could turn into a landmark for the city providing tremendous opportunity for the city dwellers for recreation, playing, exercising, promoting cultural activities or so forth.


Design idea of the project comprises of many different issues. Firstly the park should be accessible for large population and should be connected with its urban surroundings. A major axis of circulation is designed which open up the park with both neighborhoods in East and West.


The proposed function for the new development come from in depth analysis of the community and need of the people for now and future.  All the new proposed functions are being placed in different location all around the park and all are connected with pedestrian network in diagonal axis to the major circulation spine. The functions located in different locations would attract people to gather all around the park and will create a vibrant environment.


In the design of the pedestrian layout, existing trees were kept as much as possible to preserve its natural environment. The narrow edge of the park in south has been redesigned with pedestrian for walking and bicycling and it is open to the people of the community.


Boundary wall has been redesigned in a notion that the park and activity inside will be visible from outside, which would promote people to come in and also eliminates crime.


Children open playground and non-mechanical instruments are located in a specific zone to provide ample facility for the growing age. One specially designed playground is attached to that for physically challenged children and youths.


An amphitheater is designed in the western side, which would promote cultural activity in various occasions related to Bangali culture. Services to support the visitors like public toilet, water drinking booth, seating etc are also considered in the proposed design to ensure efficient operation of the park in future.