Category: Competition

Location: Shahbag, Dhaka
Built Area: 2,50,000 sqft
Designed Year: 2017


The design concept of the project instigated from the observation of the site and its surroundings.

Adjacent to the iconic and very prestigious national landmark, “Suhrawardy Uddyan”, the site appeared to be at the hub of abominable urban sprawl. In contrast, currently, this adjacent landscape is also the largest existing green scape of the city.

At an 800 ft distance on the outskirts of the site, stands the 160 ft high Shadhinota Tower. The Shadhinota Tower was built with the aim of incorporating within its design the cultural, historical, and political background of our nation, and the struggle for the Independence of Bangladesh during the war of 1971. Similarly, the new convention centre is being designed with the same intent, aiming to create a perpetual dialogue between the two structures. The forms are designed to accommodate various indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor activities within its vertical layers, mainly as interacting-space between itself and the Shadhinota Tower, and to also provide vantage points for viewing the landscape of Suhrawardy Udyan.

Along with the existing compound, the serene and relaxing environment of the land that surrounds this building attracts visitors from all across the country. It is home to a plethora of trees, some being over a hundred years of age. Its visitors find their earthly release within this space- the sunlight that filters through its gorgeous green canopy overhead. For centuries, this space has proven itself ideal for community growth, in all its untouched, organic magnificence.
The design approach, therefore, aims to sustain as much of this age-old natural beauty as possible, and further regenerate to make use of the potential this land holds.